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作者: yxyjetoeq    時間: 2013-5-30 03:56     標題: Crazy Cool Clear Bags

Crazy Cool Clear Bags
Made of clear PVC with gold PU material. Laurex stylish bag shows off your fashionable taste for the whole world to marvel at, and eases access to everything you need to get through your day. This super sized designer handbag can be zipped up. The interior contains a zippered pocket, a cell phone pocket and an additional pocket, and multiple pockets behind the picture that allows you to keep or hide something valuable. Special cute design to suit your personality. This is a clear bag with metallic silver trim and handles. The double straps have a drop of approximately 9 inches, perfect for carrying over the shoulder. Bag size: 22" x 13.5" x 7" Bag with handle size: 22" x 21" x 7"
Always keeping busy with work, school, and errands? This Large Slicker Tote in White by russell+hazel is a great on-the-go accessory. It is a fetching clear carryall designed for all errands, all weather and total disclosure. Its vinyl construction makes this a durable piece while the black detailing and flashy matching straps make it a fashionable day-to-day accessory. Use it to carry your work files and documents,Isabel Marant Bird, school books and notebooks,isabel marant sneakers, to tote along at on a day at the beach,pas cher Isabel Marant Bottes, or even use it to bring home the groceries. It's the go-anywhere accessory for go-getters with nothing to hide.
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