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Maybe you are one of those few people who do not have the faintest idea if a man is genuinely interested in you or is he simply being courteous. There are several signals that men give out when they are interested in a woman. Here are a few  [url=http://goldmonsterbeatsbydre.webs.com]gold monster beats by dre[/url] signs to show that a man is interested in you.
Do you find him looking at you?
Do you find him looking in your direction when you are in a crowded place? Does he look at you and give you a thousand watt smile when he catches your eye? Does he look deep into your eyes when you are saying something? IF he is doing any of these things then he is definitely interested in  [url=http://goldstudiobeatsbydre.webs.com]gold studio beats by dre[/url] you.
Does he flirt with you?
You will find that he will try and flirt with you in a very light and friendly manner if he likes you. Things like "boy you look like you are making the sun shine" or "you make that dress look good" are clear indicators to suggest that he really likes you.
Does he touch you
Men generally touch things that they like, find appealing or are interested in. So if you find him touching your arm while telling a story or if he touches your leg while you both are laughing then it is a clear indicator that he likes you.
Does he lean into you while talking
You will find that he will lean in to you to talk. This is a way  [url=http://beatsbydredeals.webs.com]beats by dre deals[/url] of getting a little intimate and closer to you and men do this only when they are interested in a woman.
Is he trying to find out about your relationship status
When a man is interested in you he will make an effort and try and find out about your relationship status. He will also try and get some details like if you are seeing somebody, if it is serious and exclusive or if you are simply dating.
Is he trying to gather information about you
If your friends or co-workers tell you that you are being enquired about by a man then you can be assured that he is trying to get all the information on you  [url=http://whiteandgoldbeatsbydre.webs.com]white and gold beats by dre[/url] only because he is interested in you. After this you bump into him at places that you least expect him.
Does he intimate you off his relationship status
If he talks to you about his single status then he is definitely keen on you. You might also find him telling you that he is doing something this weekend that corresponds with your interests and would be fun to do together.
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